Spousal Support (Maintenance / Alimony)

In Missouri, spousal support is called maintenance.  Maintenance is not automatic in Missouri and is determined on a case-by-case basis.  Courts are to consider a party’s ability to pay maintenance as well as a party’s need for maintenance.  Courts will look various factors when determining whether maintenance is appropriate, such as the duration of the marriage, whether one party was a stay-at-home parent and the assets available for division.

Maintenance can be one of the most critical aspects of a dissolution, especially where one party stayed at home and helped raise the parties’ children and maintain the home while the other party worked, advancing his/her career and earning capacity through the help of the stay-at-home spouse.  In more complex maintenance cases, it may be necessary to hire experts to run a cash flow analysis to determine a party’s ability to pay maintenance.

If the court finds that maintenance is appropriate, it can order modifiable maintenance or, under certain circumstances, maintenance for a specific period of time.   

If you have questions concerning spousal support (maintenance / alimony), please contact the Law Offices of Mary Ann Weems to discuss your options.

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