Modification and Enforcement of Orders

In Missouri, child support and child custody are always modifiable, meaning either parent can come back to court and argue that there has been a change in circumstances sufficient to require a change in the custody and/or support arrangements of their children.  There are many reasons to seek a modification of child support and/or child custody and cases are determined on a case by case basis.

 Maintenance can also be subject to modification in certain circumstances.   It is important to understand your options when determining whether to seek a modification as well as when the other parent files a modification action against you.

When a judgment is entered, it is understood that the other party will comply with the court’s judgment.  However, there are many situations where a party refuses to follow the court’s order.  In those situations, it is important for a party to understand their rights and the methods available to him/her to enforce the judgment, such as filing a contempt action, executing against a party’s wages or bank account or even against a party’s vehicle.  

If you have questions concerning the modification and/or enforcement of a prior judgment, please contact the Law Offices of Mary Ann Weems to discuss your options.